The Deacon(s) are biblically qualified men of the church elected by the Congregation, and appropriately ordained to this high office by the ordained Elders of the church present at the service of ordination and installation.

The Deacon(s) shall provide relief for the material and/or financial needs of, first, members of this Congregation, and second, individuals in the community around us. They shall, therefore, be responsible for the collecting and distributing of gifts for the needy. They shall be responsible to perform acts of comfort and mercy to the aged, invalid, and hospitalized. They shall be responsible for the maintenance of the church property and stewardship of church funds.

The Board of Deacons (Diacoante) shall consist of those Deacons elected to serve on the Diaconate by the Congregation. Those elected to the office of Deacon shall serve a term of three years, election to classes to be held annually. At the end of one, three year term, a Deacon may choose to stand for re-election for a second three-year term. After serving two consecutive three-year terms, a Deacon may not actively serve on the Diaconate for at least a year. After being inactive for one year, a Deacon must stand for reelection to the active Diaconate or appeal in writing to the Session to be granted an additional year of inactive status. An inactive Deacon whose appeal is denied must either stand for re-election or demit his office. At their first meeting following the Annual Congregational Meeting they shall elect one of their members to serve as Chairman. The Diaconate shall also annually elect a Recording Secretary. The Diaconate will organize itself into various committees needed to do the work of the church.

Covenant Presbyterian Church Deacons

Geff Adams, Jeremy Armao, Mike Bacon, Paul Baierl, Paul Beatty, Jonathan Calloway, Adam Cathey, David Close, Rich Denkinger, Mark Donaldson, Joe Fisher, David Gernhard, Jon Griffin, James Hall, Pete Johnson, Dusty Kemp, Vanna Ker, Steve Leach, Jim Martof, Mike Mason, Richard Mauroner, Doug McEachern, John Morrison, John Pearce (Chairman of the Diaconate), Eddie Rahm, Caleb Ray, Charlie Ray, Josh Ray , Russ Roop, Tim Sotelo, Mark Stevenson