October 11, 2018

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From the Pen of the Senior Pastor…

As many of you know from previous years, our denomination asks PCA churches to devote time on a particular Sunday to pray for Covenant College. That Sunday is this weekend. Covenant College is our denomination’s only school for undergraduate education; Covenant Theological Seminary (in St. Louis) is our only school for ministerial and graduate training. These two institutions are important means through which the PCA fosters spiritual growth and academic excellence, but also means by which we engage the world with the gospel in word and deed. Both Covenant College and Covenant Seminary are a vital part of our denominational church life in the Presbyterian and Reformed tradition. They are both also vital to us as a congregation.

In 1965, two very tiny Presbyterian denominations, one of them Scottish American, merged to form a new denomination that would immediately begin to grow through evangelism and church planting. In 1982, this denomination would be received into the PCA, bringing with it Covenant College and a rich Scottish heritage.

Covenant College is known by many of us. We have been special recipients of the care of this college through faculty and administration who have not only spoken from the pulpit and lecterns of CPC but also ministered as co-laborers among us. Given the impact of Covenant College on our life as a congregation as we pursue ministry in East Brainerd, it is somewhat difficult to imagine a church vision that does not include Covenant College. This, of course, extends beyond our own Dr. Caines’ many years of service on the Board of Trustees and as a member of the faculty. As a congregation, we are very thankful for the discipleship that this college has provided the alumni that call CPC “home.” Additionally, we are honored to have current students serving the church body alongside us. 

This is not to disregard other institutions of higher education, but the affinity that we have with this particular college is one of personal intimacy. Her faculty and administration are actually called to serve Christ, on behalf of and in submission to PCA congregations around the world. On Sunday, we are happy to pray for President Derek Halvorson, the board, faculty, staff, and students of Covenant College. Please make Covenant College a part of your personal prayer life. On Sunday we’ll also be singing together, “All for Jesus,” the college’s adopted hymn. 

Covenant College is a gift to our denomination. When Alexander Whyte became the principal of New College, Edinburgh, in 1909, he said to his fellow Presbyterian ministers, “fathers and brethren, … when you are near God in the pulpit, and at the family altar, and especially in secret, … remember the New College, and the students and the Professors, and especially the poor Principal.” Join us on Sunday in remembering Covenant College.

~Pastor Jones